Welcome to the Originateve E-Garden, the repository of content to aid in development of Holistic Learning.  This database is the result of dozens of community members actively pursuing the art of holistic mentorship over more than a decade.  Your active participation will help to shape this experience for future travelers.  We are grateful for your presence and at your service through the journey as you plant these seeds into the garden of your craft and share fruit at the ongoing feast!


About the Certified Mentor Program

The Originateve Certified Mentor Program (CMP) consists of three units (a total of 30 semester credit hours) intensive study and practical internship with a focus on holistic education and regenerative practices.  The curriculum consists of a spectrum of theory and practical assignments that assist a candidate on a journey through better understanding the conventional vs. holistic paradigms of education, consumerist, vs. regenerative lifestyles, linear constructivist models of human development and behavior vs. holistic multidimensional models of transformation, holistic lesson planning, prepared living educational environments, the analogies between ecology and social structures, nutrition within the learning process, deep and authentic assessment, and a transpersonal exploration of the role of the supersensory in the learning process.  Course expectations are highly customized to the candidate's geography, culture and background. The CMP is designed to prepare a learner to work with Originateve Living Classrooms at any school offering holistic pedagogy or andragogy, and/or to broaden the skillset of instructors within the public or private sector of education. The goals concerning the material and practical work is to acquire and hone instructional techniques that emphasize relationships and community development and personal growth through cyclical educational prompts which encourage the candidate to creatively contribute personal voice and reflection in order to shift personal behavior towards regenerative relationships which demonstrate deeper connections of accountability while facilitating a community of life-long learners. Practical study and student mentoring occurs at various locations offering Originateve crafted curriculum, enrichment services and/or community events and will be overseen by an Originateve Master Mentor Trainer. Students will access and engage via onsite dialogues and cyber forums to ongoing opportunities to discuss and digest theory and written assignments as well as engage with the global network of mentors and mentees continuously building a repository of data within the field of holistic education.